We received the following correspondence from the Revolution Club, NYC., 9PM, Oct. 28:

The Outrageous and Unacceptable Arrest of 4 Revolutionaries at City College of NY (CCNY)

October 28, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


On the heels of the outrageous arrest of Noche Diaz in Chicago...

Today, 4 members of the Revolution Club, NYC were arrested at CCNY, and remain in custody.

Demand their immediate release NOW. Call 347-731-6559 and demand the immediate release of the CCNY 4, the revolutionaries arrested at the college today.

Read the entire HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution HERE

We are still learning details but what we do know is that these 4 members had gone on to the campus to deliver the message “America was NEVER Great! We Need to Overthrow, Not Vote for, the System”. They were there to distribute the message from the Revolutionary Communist Party: “How We Can Win—How We Can Really Make Revolution.” And they were there to organize people into the revolution.

For this, for acting in the interests of the 7 Billion of humanity, they were arrested by campus police— first taken to the local precinct, and now, 6 hours later, still awaiting arraignment.


These 4 revolutionaries were taking a righteous and much-needed stand in a world that cries out for revolution...and the university decided to shut down ideas and organization that must be part of the discourse on campuses. Nobody should tolerate this.

We call on all those outraged to:

Call the President of CCNY at 212-650-7285 to demand that the Revolution Club and the Get Into the Revolution National Organizing Campaign and Tour be allowed onto the campus, and all charges against the CCNY 4 be immediately dropped. Leave voicemails!

Some others of us returned to campus and agitated about what happened. In response, 30 students stepped forward and signed the following statement:

I/we demand that all charges get dropped and that revolutionary ideas be allowed on campus. Support the NYC Revolution Club.”

This is just the beginning, and we aim to mobilize many many more students from here and other campuses against these outrageous attacks.

A long-time CCNY professor has sent emails of protest to the university president and other authorities. Others must follow her example.

This fight must broaden out. A clear and powerful response is called for.

On Tuesday at noon, a rally will take place on campus – to continue to do what these heroic revolutionaries were doing on campus – and stand in defense of these revolutionaries, in support of the right of revolutionaries to be on the campus, and for revolutionary ideas to be part of the discourse of university life. What is the administration afraid of?

Stay tuned for more information at revcom.us

Contact the NYC Revolution Club at: nycrevclub@gmail.com

on social media: @NYCRevClub

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