Trump Time:
Black Youth MURDERED for Bumping Into White Man

November 28, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Life is already a horror for Black people in America. Now a sick, horrific example of how that could become murderously worse under a Trump regime went down in Charleston, West Virginia, on Monday, November 21.

James Means, murdered for bumping into a white man
James Means

James Means, a 15-year-old Black youth whose family said “could put a smile on anybody’s face, no matter the situation,” was gunned down by 62-year-old William Ronald Pulliam, in Charleston, West Virginia.

What was James Means’ “crime”? He accidentally bumped into Pulliam, a white man. James and Pulliam exchanged words.

Then James and a couple of friends—one of them 13 years old—went to the nearby home of a relative and hung out on the porch. Pulliam came by later, more words were exchanged. Though James was unarmed and a child, Pulliam drew a .380 caliber revolver and shot James twice in the abdomen.

James Means died in the hospital a little later. William Pulliam went to dinner and then hung out at the home of a female friend. After being arrested, cops said that he showed “no remorse,” saying: “The way I see it, that’s another piece of trash off the street.”

Pulliam is the kind of violent, racist reactionary that America has always produced—and protected—who represents a whole segment of this sick, racist society. In 2013 he pleaded guilty to punching his pregnant daughter in the face several times and kicking her in the stomach. He’s harassed, threatened, and hurled racist insults at Latinos.

Whether or not William Pulliam was himself a Trump supporter, America’s Pulliams—and there are millions—have been whipped up by Trump’s call that it’s time for them to “take back America” from immigrants, Muslims, Black people, and disobedient women.

They’ve been emboldened by Trump’s victory, and right now America’s James Pulliams sense that white supremacy and even genocide are fully in command in the new government, and that they have the wind at their back.

This IS what will be in command if Trump is allowed to take office on January 20, and it will be further institutionalized, promoted, and backed by the full power of the state. These racists and white supremacists clearly see this. Now it’s way past time for the oppressed and the millions of others who hate racism, bigotry, intolerance, and ignorance to clearly see this too. And act accordingly to stop it!

Let the foul murder of James Means serve as a warning, and a wake-up call, to stop Trump.



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