Wednesday January 18, 2017
Wear the “I” for Illegitimate

January 16, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |



Donald Trump and his fascist regime are illegitimate.

Representative John Lewis has made the question of Trump's illegitimacy a mass question. Then, Trump's vile and impetuous Twitter response attacking Lewis revealed the depth of his venomous racism. The rawness of this has opened up the potential for many people to take a stand – making it known that they too regard Trump as illegitimate. Therefore, as part of and contributing to the movement to Stop the Trump-Pence Regime from being able to rule, we are proposing:

On Wednesday, January 18, wear the letter “I” for “Illegitimate” all day long.


Because Donald Trump has said that he is going to put people in jail and deprive them of their citizenship for expressing political dissent.

Because it is illegitimate to suppress the media.

Because it is illegitimate to deprive entire sections of people of basic fundamental rights simply due to their membership in a particular group of people, starting with Muslims & immigrants.

Because it is illegitimate to threaten an entire group, or entire groups, of people with suspension of the right against illegal search and seizure without probable cause, with the only probable cause being that they are Black or Latino.

Because it is illegitimate to torture people, and to punish the families of people who are suspected of crimes.

Because it is illegitimate to say that merely because a judge comes from a minority nationality they should be disqualified for rendering legal judgment on Trump.

Because it is illegitimate to say that the 5 Black youth – the Central Park 5 – who Trump baselessly accused of a crime, even calling for their execution in full page ads in NYC. Then, 12 years later when they were fully exonerated, Trump said that they should be kept in jail anyway.

Because it is illegitimate, in sum, to institute a form of government that deprives people of their most fundamental rights. Everything here is what Trump has either promised to do or stated should be done.

Wear the “I” Because We Refuse To Accept An Illegitimate, Fascist, Trump-Pence Regime.

That's step 1. Step 2: make a video and post it on FB, Twitter, and/or Instagram. This will be the “I” Challenge – for Illegitimate.

Carl Dix
Cornel West


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