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April 29, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


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» People March in DC, Across the U.S. and Around the World to Demand Action on Climate Change



» Trump/Pence Super-Predators Speed Up Danger of Climate Change
We Need to Drive Out the Fascist Regime... AND We Need a Whole Different World

The danger of global environmental disaster due to climate change has become clearer and clearer in recent years. Then came the Trump/Pence regime—and in their first 100 days, they’ve put this rush toward environmental catastrophe into overdrive. Read more


An Invitation

By Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Let's go on a crucial journey together—full of unity against oppression and lively struggle about the source of the problem and the solution. Pursue your own convictions—that the outrages that move you are intolerable—to their logical conclusion, and be determined not to stop until those outrages have been eliminated. And if this, as well as learning about other outrages, and ideas about how this all fits together and flows from a common source—and how it could all be ended, and something much better brought into being—leads in the direction of seeing not only the need for bold and determined resistance, but also the need for revolution and ultimately communism, then don't turn away from that because it moves you beyond your comfort zone, challenges what had been your cherished beliefs, or because of prejudices and slanders. Instead, actively seek to learn more about this revolution and its goal of communism and to determine whether it is in fact the necessary, and possible, solution. And then act accordingly.



Special Issue of Revolution on the Environmental Emergency

This Revolution special issue focuses on the environmental emergency that now faces humanity and Earth’s ecosystems. In this issue we show:

  • the dimensions of the emergency...
  • the source of its causes in the capitalist system, and the impossibility of that system solving this crisis...
  • a way out and way forward for humanity—a revolutionary society in which we could actually live as custodians of nature, rather than as its plunderers.

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Also available in brochure format (downloadable PDF)


Science and Revolution book cover

» “A Scientific Approach to Society, and Changing the World” and “A Scientific Outlook, A Boundless Curiosity About the World”—excerpts from interview with award-winning scientist Ardea Skybreak, Science and Revolution, On the Importance of Science and the Application of Science to Society, the New Synthesis of Communism and the Leadership of Bob Avakian



No! We refuse to accept a fascist America!

» Refuse Fascism—made up of people coming from a diversity of perspectives who recognize that the Trump/Pence regime is fascist, that it poses a catastrophic danger to all of humanity, and that it is our responsibility to mobilize millions to drive it from power.

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Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America

Authored by Bob Avakian, and adopted by the Central Committee of the RCP

To all the people agonizing over climate change and the threat it poses to humanity and other species and ecosystems on the planet:

The fascist regime heading the U.S. is placing the world in even greater danger of environmental catastrophe through climate change. For this—and many other reasons—the Trump/Pence regime must be stopped and driven from power, as soon as possible. But the answer is not a “saner” or “less extreme” form of this same system—the system of capitalism-imperialism. The climate crisis cannot be tackled in any real way as long as this system reigns. It’s a system where the “bottom line” criteria for everything is maximum profits... where capitalists must play by the “rules of the game”—expand or die—no matter the consequences to life on this planet.

The world does not have to be this way. There is a viable vision and strategy for a radically new, and much better, society and world—the new communism brought forward by Bob Avakian (BA). The Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, authored by BA, provides a framework and blueprint for a revolutionary power that, as it gives due emphasis to meeting the material, intellectual, and cultural needs of the people, aims “to contribute all it can to solving this environmental crisis and, to the greatest degree possible, reversing its terrible and manifold effects, and to ushering in a new era in which human beings and their society can truly be fit caretakers of the earth.”

As you fight against the super-predators in power who are accelerating the global environmental emergency, seriously check out the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America and the movement for an actual revolution aiming to bring this new society into being. And if you become convinced of the need for revolution, have the courage of your convictions and get with this.



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Bob Avakian

Bob Avakian (BA) is the architect for a whole new framework for human emancipation, the new synthesis of communism. This new synthesis is based on more than 40 years of revolutionary work critically analyzing and drawing from past revolutionary experience and theory, and a broad range of human activity and thought. It is a continuation of, but also represents a qualitative leap beyond, and in some important ways a break with, communist theory as it had been previously developed. Bob Avakian has been the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA since its founding in 1975. Find out more.


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