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On Saturday, June 8
In the streets of South Central Los Angeles
A beginning force for an actual revolution came on the scene

On Saturday, June 8
In the streets of South Central Los Angeles
A beginning force for an actual revolution came on the scene

The Specter of Revolution ... and a Real Beginning

On Saturday, June 8 in South Central Los Angeles, something new appeared on the scene... the beginnings of a movement for an actual revolution. People have never seen anything like this. The specter of an organized force growing was raised: in the discipline, defiance and joy of the revolutionary cohort marching with chants that put forth the goal of revolution for the emancipation of humanity. At the march’s conclusion in front of the notoriously brutal 77th Division of LAPD, a sharp indictment of the whole system and of America was delivered by Noche Diaz speaking for the National Revolution Tour, which was then dramatically brought home in the statement made with the simultaneous burning of five American flags for each of the 5 Stops—5 horrors of this system that cannot be reformed, but which must be No More!

A glimpse of the beginning of an organized force for an actual revolution, the potential this represents.... Below we are featuring a multimedia dispatch of what happened on the day as well as an audio excerpt of a talk by Andy Zee that began the organizing workshops the following day, which captures the import of what was accomplished.

Return to this site over this next week for further reports, photos and video from the march and actions.


Opening Remarks to the June 9 Workshops by Andy Zee

You don't yet realize the significance of what we have begun…

On Sunday, June 9, the National Revolution Tour held a day of workshops, as a part of a weekend of Revolution... The day began with an informal introduction by Andy Zee.

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June 8, 2019—South Central Los Angeles:

A Day of Revolution in Three Parts

A Precursor: Before the Day Began...

11:00 am: Dozens of RevComs fill a parking lot near Crenshaw and Slauson, decorating flatbed trucks, drilling their marching steps, and finishing other final preparations.



Midway through, Noche Diaz pulls them together for a brief orientation, “What really makes us mighty is the fact that we represent the seven billion on this planet and the way to actually put an end to the oppression that they face here and all over the world. What makes us mighty is that we have leadership—Bob Avakian—that has done the work to figure out what is the source of all this oppression, and what's the way forward out of the madness. How we could make a real revolution and run a whole new society on the road to real emancipation.”


Soon, the contingent of students from UCLA shows up and unfurls its banner.

Part I: No More Killing Each Other, Stepping Into the Real Revolution

1pm: The Mighty Mighty RevComs march through the street, stopping opposite the Marathon Clothing store where Nipsey Hussle was tragically cut down just 10 weeks before. Since his death, thousands from across Los Angeles, from around the country, and even around the world have made a pilgrimage to this spot to remember a beloved rapper and to cry out against the senseless loss of yet another Black person before their time. When the revolution marches through, it is not only to cry out against this senseless killing, but also to lift people’s sights and call them into the organized forces for an actual revolution to put an end to this system and bring about a world where all humanity can truly flourish.


Several new members of the Revolution Club put on the REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! t-shirt and tell the world why they did. The last one calls on those watching to cross the street and join the march. Some do.


The revolutionaries then pile into flatbed trucks and a decorated car caravan and take the revolution through the streets to the second stop.


Part II: From Rebellion to Revolution and the Big Deal of BA’s Leadership

2:30 p.m.: Florence and Normandie
People step out of their houses and shops—dancing to the rhythm of the chanting, raising their fists, filming, and snapping up literature. The caravan stopped at the corner of Florence and Normandie, the flashpoint of the historic 1992 Los Angeles Rebellion.



Joe Veale delivers a scorching speech from the flatbed truck vividly recalling the brutality inflicted on Rodney King by police, as well as the beauty and unity among Black people and Mexicans, as well as broader support from white people and others across the country, forged through the righteous rebellion of ’92. The heart of Veale’s speech appreciates the need for science and leadership—and calls on others to take up—the rare and truly precious leadership of Bob Avakian, who has forged a scientific approach and path to go far, far beyond even the most heroic and inspiring rebellions—to make an actual revolution that can emancipate all of humanity.



Part III: A Message to the World: Five U.S. Flags Up in Flames

4 p.m.—At the hated, notoriously brutal 77th Division of the LAPD

Noche Diaz stands on a flatbed truck strewn with revolutionary banners, surrounded by dozens of uniformed, disciplined revolutionaries and masses from the neighborhood, with the notoriously brutal and deeply hated 77th Division of the LAPD directly behind him. As Noche calls out the 150 long years of depraved brutality and racism of the LAPD, masses from the neighborhood sense their opportunity and step into the faces of pigs lining the sidewalk, telling them off and adding their voices to the indictment. Several Black women step forward to purchase and put on the BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! t-shirts and join the organized crowd.


Then, the Revolution Club clears a large opening and 10 members step forward. Five carry large signs indicting the crimes of the system. Behind them, five members march in with large American flags. The crowd silences in anticipation. Five powerful indictments of America and the system of capitalism-imperialism are delivered—for its unending crimes against Black and Brown people, against women and LGBTQ people, against immigrants, against the people of the world, and against the environment.


Then: Five American flags go up in flames. Right in front of the 77th Division. Revolutionaries and masses of people burst into cheers of revolutionary joy.



Today, it is the flag of this system that was turned to ashes. The National Revolution Tour is going to work for the forces of revolution to grow from scores to hundreds, aiming to organize thousands into this revolution... bringing forward and preparing for the time when millions can be led to make revolution, to overthrow this system, and build a whole new society, based on the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, authored by Bob Avakian.


Postscript: A Revolutionary Celebration, A Day of Workshops, and Much More to Come...

That evening, revolutionaries and others new and old gather at the Mid-City Arthouse to live and celebrate the liberating future we are fighting for. The next day, they roll up their sleeves and get deeper into the leadership, science and strategy for revolution and how to get organized through a day of workshops. In all, a real advance has been forged from which it is urgently necessary—and possible—to go much, much further....

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