A Terrible Injustice: Kentucky Attorney General Declares Police Murder of Breonna Taylor “Justified”

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More than six months after the pigs in Louisville murdered 26-year-old Breonna Taylor in cold blood, the Kentucky attorney general announced today the consequences for the cops involved—NOTHING. This is yet another—intolerable—case of pigs in America allowed to walk away after murdering people, especially Black, Brown and Native American people.

In March of this year, heavily armed cops busted down the door to Breonna’s apartment in the middle of the night as she and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, were sleeping. Breonna was an emergency room technician. Walker says that he and Breonna did not know who was outside, and when they thought intruders were forcing their way in, he fired a single shot from a gun that he owned legally. The cops fired a barrage of shots, six of which hit Breonna. Walker says Breonna was struggling to breathe for several minutes after she was shot. Meanwhile, the ambulance crew called to the scene was tending to the one cop who was wounded in the leg.

The pigs had a “no knock” warrant—which allows police to force their way into people’s homes without announcing themselves. In his announcement today, the Kentucky attorney general, Daniel Cameron (who Donald Trump has praised as a “STAR” and who spoke at the fascist Republican National Convention this year), claimed that the cops did knock and say who they were before they busted down the door. He also claimed that one non-police witness heard the police announce themselves. But various media have reported that they interviewed people at the apartment, and none heard the police announce themselves. And the warrant itself was reportedly for a drug case that Breonna had no involvement in—in other words, the pig raid should never have happened in the first place.

In his announcement today, Cameron declared that the pigs who killed Breonna were “justified” in their actions. The only pig involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor who was charged with anything was indicted for “reckless endangerment,” a low-level felony—and it was not even in relation to the killing of Breonna. It was because he shot blindly through a curtained window of Breonna’s apartment, and some of the bullets went through the wall to another apartment.

All the cops that took part in the terrible injustice against Breonna Taylor should be charged with murder. The whole damn system, which lets murdering pigs walk free time after time, is guilty as hell!

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