Louisville Pigs Get Away with MURDER of Breonna Taylor

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The terrible injustice of what happened to Breonna Taylor, murdered by police who busted into her apartment while she slept in her bed, moved millions; they “said her name.” Now her name must again ring through the streets.

In March of this year, Louisville pigs suddenly forced their way into the apartment of Breonna Taylor, in a raid that should never have happened, and killed her in a burst of gunfire. Today, the Kentucky attorney general announced a grand jury decision that held none of the cops accountable for the murder of Breonna.

The whitewash of the murder of Breonna Taylor by refusing to hold any of the police who were in on it at all legally accountable—not even indicting any of them for what was done to her*—is an outrage on top of the original outrage. The terrible injustice of what happened to her moved millions; they “said her name.” Now her name must again ring through the streets. In no way can we allow the verdict of society to be that this is somehow okay, and somehow not demanding of massive waves of protest. Without protest, without struggle, without rising up as was done in the spring and early summer, Black people will be thrust into even worse horrors and outrages, worse oppression.

It is hurtful beyond hurting, enraging beyond rage, to see this injustice happen yet again. Yet this has gone on in this country since 1619 in one form or another. Through the horrific centuries of slavery, which is the foundation of the “great wealth” this capitalist country likes to brag about… to the decades of lynching and segregation and denial of all rights… to the current system of mass incarceration and police terror to enforce continued discrimination and oppressed: this is dug deep into the flesh and blood of this system. That system has a name: capitalism-imperialism. And that system cannot be reformed in any way that will give justice to Black people. IT MUST BE OVERTHROWN!

Since the rising earlier this year sparked by the pig murder of George Floyd, Donald Trump has not only continued to support all manner of crimes by police, he has doubled down on this in the name of “law and order”—a racist codeword for exactly the kind of horror that happened to Breonna Taylor. He has professed his “love” for the pigs, he threatened the protestors, he has called for repression and major charges against those who lift their heads and organize others to do so, and he has actually applauded those who have murdered the protestors for Black lives. This too has a name: FASCISM. And the genocidal assault against Black people, and everyone who is not a white Christian American, is at the heart of this regime. This regime must urgently and immediately be defeated. And bringing together these two streams of struggle — against police murder and institutional racism, and to drive out the Trump-Pence fascist regime — is urgently needed if masses of people are to have any kind of future at all.

Into the Streets!


* One cop was indicted for "reckless endangerment," not for the killing of Breonna Taylor, but for blindly shooting into the homes of other residents of the apartment complex where Breonna lived.  [back]

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