“I felt like I was a caged animal”

Dramatic Action in Downtown Los Angeles as Part of Daily Protests Demanding Trump/Pence Out Now!

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As immigrants are STILL being tortured in ICE jails and children are STILL separated from their parents, and traumatized for life...

As news comes out that these family separations were not some accidental byproduct of Trump’s immigration policy, but very DELIBERATELY ordered by Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice...

As multiple allegations come out from a Georgia ICE jail about medical procedures being done to women without consent, even removing their uteruses...

And ICE begins mass raids targeting sanctuary cities across the country...

Refuse Fascism in Los Angeles launched a powerful, 48-hour dramatic action on Friday and Saturday, October 9-10, against the Trump/Pence regime’s attacks on immigrants. They called out the parallels between what’s happening to immigrants—demonization, criminalization, concentration camps—and what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany, and sounded the alarm about the beginning stages of a racist genocide. They issued a wake-up call to people in this country to stop “getting used to” kids in cages and babies being pulled from their parents’ arms, letting yesterday’s outrage become today’s new normal—because that is exactly how the German people became complicit collaborators with Nazi atrocities.

Most importantly, they gave people a way to stop these atrocities, by joining the people’s movement, in the streets every day in LA and nationwide, to drive this this regime from power. They challenged people with the truth: Voting to defeat Trump is important. But voting is not enough. They are torturing immigrants NOW. They are appointing a fundamentalist Supreme Court judge NOW. They are recruiting an “army” of “poll watchers” to intimidate voters NOW. They are preparing NOW to hijack the election and unleash MAGA thugs, in and out of uniform, to enforce it. That’s why Refuse Fascism is mobilizing NOW, to overwhelm them with mass, nonviolent, sustained protest, demanding Trump/Pence OUT NOW.

At Pershing Square in downtown LA, volunteers stepped up to build cages to represent the ICE jails our immigrant brothers and sisters are held captive in. Others volunteered to spend an hour or two in the cages. At one point, two children got inside the cages. On the second day, new volunteers wore bloody pants inside the cages to represent the immigrant women in Georgia. This was a visually jarring and moving experience for the people who were part of it, and for people walking by.

Here are some sights and sounds from this dramatic protest, and some excerpts of statements from people who were part of it.


48 Hours of Dramatic Visualization in Downtown LA — Trump/Pence OUT NOW!

Photos: October 9 & 10, Los Angeles, California. Refuse Fascism launched a powerful dramatic action against the Trump/Pence regime’s attacks on immigrants.



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