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As fascists converge on DC on January 6, take a stand to say Trump Lost! Fascists Get Out!

Trump’s unprecedented attempt to overturn the election is fascist and must be opposed!



Biden won the Electoral College and the popular vote by more than 7 million. Election officials deemed this one of the most secure elections in American history. Dozens of GOP lawsuits to challenge the results have been thrown out for lack of evidence.

Yet Trump persists with his lunatic claim that he won the election, escalating his attempted coup into a showdown and throwdown on January 6—the date Congress should follow their constitutional duty and certify Biden’s win. Trump has even inquired about the possibility of invoking the Insurrection Act to implement martial law.

Now, at least 140 House Republicans have said they plan to vote against certifying Biden’s electoral victory. Senator Josh Hawley announced he would challenge Biden’s win in the Senate, forcing a debate on election fraud that never happened, casting Trump as a victim, and Ted Cruz leads a group of senators vowing to reject the results unless a special commission conducts a 10-day audit.

Meanwhile, Trump called his followers—the same thugs who vandalized Black churches and assaulted bystanders on December 12—back to DC for a “wild” rally on January 6. Trump calls it a protest, but let’s call it what it really is—a NAZI rally filled with white supremacist “grievances” and dangerous verbal attacks on his political enemies, emboldening his base to “fight for Trump” with threats and acts of violence.

This is unprecedented behavior for a sitting president. It has disrupted the peaceful transition of power, “legitimized’’ the lie of a stolen election in the eyes of many millions of Trump’s supporters, and mobilized white supremacist MAGA mobs to rampage, terrorize, and intimidate anyone who stands in their way. With these maneuvers, Trump and his goons have seized the initiative, dominating the airwaves, normalizing fascist lies, and setting the terms... in the halls of power and in the streets. In the midst of all this, Trump is escalating the threat of military aggression against Iran and COVID deaths are raging out of control.

Whether or not Trump succeeds in overturning this election, his fascist movement is succeeding in tearing up the norms of government and growing a battle-hardened base determined to fight forward.

The Democratic Party has downplayed and dismissed this fascist coup attempt, insisting that their coup can’t win so mobilizing against it inside and outside of DC only helps the Trumpites. This goes along with Biden’s insistence on reaching across the aisle in reconciliation. This is a dangerous delusion that normalizes and legitimizes the fascist assault on the elections and fascists rampaging through the streets. It fuels the passivity and acquiescence of the decent people, demobilizing the millions who should be organized to stand up against these outrages.

It is criminally complicit to give Trump’s fascist assault space to gain momentum, and a profound problem for humanity that the millions who rightly voted against Trump have been silent in the face of this. Transforming this dangerous situation must begin now—through creative and visible forms of opposition that break down our isolation and passivity and build our strength for the enormous struggle ahead. These fascists will not just fade away on their own.

As fascists converge on DC, join others to say Trump Lost! Fascists Get Out! Put these posters in your windows and around town and spread this message on social media. Saturate the streets with art and statements of love and solidarity for all those who are under the gun and targets of this hateful regime.

At 5:00 pm in DC, bang pots and pans to drown out the fascist voices descending on their city.

We also call on organizations and individuals to reach out to us ( with your ideas, your fears and questions, your plans and your willingness to dialogue and work together on transforming this situation. Acting together to stop a fascist America is still our urgent call, not for ourselves alone but for all of humanity.




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