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Fascists are gathering on the 6th in DC, in an extraordinary attempt from within and without the halls of power, to overturn the election.

Proud Boys at “Million MAGA March” Washington, D.C. Photo: AP

Vicious and Unhinged, Gangster and Utterly Groundless

Trump’s Fascist Moves to Overturn Election Intensify

The fascist Trump-Pence regime of the past four years—the one still in power as we speak and desperately lashing out to stay in power—was not a blip that we will painlessly pivot out of. As Bob Avakian has analyzed over 25 years, fascism in the U.S. is a deeply dug-in movement organized and directed by a section of the imperialist ruling class which is convinced that this is the necessary solution to the extremely intractable problems, conflicts and challenges that that system faces. This fascist movement has organized tens of millions around its political program of white supremacy, male supremacy and vicious America-first chauvinism.

For the past several weeks, despite losing the 2020 election, Trump has been fighting viciously to illegally stay in power. In just the past week, here’s what’s happened...

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JANUARY 4 AND 5: DO NOT MISS VIDEO OF RADIO SHOWS confronting Trump’s unprecedented attempt to overturn the election and the mobilization of his violent supporters in Washington, DC on January 6

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We Only Want the World with Sunsara Taylor, Carl Dix and Michael Coard



Reposted from RefuseFascism.org:

As fascists converge on DC on January 6, take a stand to say Trump Lost! Fascists Get Out!

Trump’s unprecedented attempt to overturn the election is fascist and must be opposed!

Biden won the Electoral College and the popular vote by more than 7 million. Yet Trump persists with his lunatic claim that he won the election, escalating his attempted coup into a showdown and throwdown on January 6—the date Congress should follow their constitutional duty and certify Biden’s win.

Trump has incited fascist mobs to go “wild” in DC on that day. He has Republican legislators promising to demand the election results be thrown out, and even inquired about the possibility of invoking the Insurrection Act to implement martial law.

Whether or not Trump succeeds in overturning this election, his fascist movement is succeeding in tearing up the norms of government and growing a battle-hardened base determined to fight forward.

The Democratic Party has downplayed and dismissed this fascist coup attempt, insisting that their coup can’t win, so mobilizing against it inside and outside of DC only helps the Trumpites. This goes along with Biden’s insistence on reaching across the aisle in reconciliation. This is a dangerous delusion that normalizes and legitimizes the fascist assault on the elections and fascists rampaging through the streets. It fuels the passivity and acquiescence of the decent people, demobilizing the millions who should be organized to stand up against these outrages.

It is criminally complicit to give Trump’s fascist assault space to gain momentum, and a profound problem for humanity that the millions who rightly voted against Trump have been silent in the face of this. Transforming this dangerous situation must begin now—through creative and visible forms of opposition that break down our isolation and passivity and build our strength for the enormous struggle ahead. These fascists will not just fade away on their own.

As fascists converge on DC, join others to say Trump Lost! Fascists Get Out! Put these posters in your windows and around town and spread this message on social media. Saturate the streets with art and statements of love and solidarity for all those who are under the gun and targets of this hateful regime.

At 5 pm in DC, bang pots and pans to drown out the fascist voices descending on their city.





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