Cold Truth, Liberating Truth: How This System Has Always Oppressed Black People, and How All Oppression Can Finally Be Ended


The program and ideology of the revolutionary proletariat are the weapon and guide in the fight against the oppression of one nation by another and all the chauvinist and racist garbage that is spewed out to "justify" this oppression. Even more basic, the proletarian line and program are the weapon and guide in the fight to finally end all forms of oppression and exploitation.

Proletarian revolution is not just a good idea. It is a concrete and practical goal that is being battled for right now in all parts of the world. Within the U.S. itself, this heartland of imperialism, proletarian revolution is not only something urgently and desperately needed--it is also something that can be done.

There is a proletariat in the USA--numbering in the tens of millions--with nothing to lose but our chains and a world to win. Black people and other oppressed nationalities make up a very important part of this proletariat, but they are not alone. While there are certainly white people who are well-off, comfortable, and conservative, there are also many who are not. There are, in fact, millions of whites who are poor and exploited and whose most basic interests are with the proletarian revolution.

There are many allies and potential allies who can be won by the revolutionary proletariat. The key alliance that must be built for revolution in this country is the alliance between the struggles of the oppressed nationalities to end their national oppression and the struggle of the proletariat, of all nationalities, to end all oppression and exploitation through the overthrow of capitalism and the advance to communism worldwide. At the same time there are many others, including many middle class people, who can be united with in the fight against this system and can be won to support the proletarian revolution--or at least not to side with the system against this revolution. There are millions and millions of women, and large numbers of youth, and many others who are victimized and outraged by the workings of this system and the endless atrocities it commits.

There are the troubles this system is in, and the crises it must continually confront, all over the world. There is the very real possibility, at any time, of deep crisis and serious setbacks for the rulers of this system--and this could come suddenly and seemingly "out of nowhere." They say they've got it all under control, they act like they're on a roll, but it's not like that. For if that were the way it is, they wouldn't need to be doing all the vicious shit they are doing. They wouldn't need to be doing all the brutal repression they are carrying out against people who have no reason to stand with this system--people who would jump at the chance to go for the system's throat if they saw it really exposed and weak. The powers-that-be fear people like this--that is why they are trying to move and crush them. They especially fear the masses of Black people. And with good reason.

Even those who most smugly uphold this system of oppression and murder, even those who most boast of the stability and durability of this capitalist society in America, know that if there is a possibility that this could all be blown apart, Black people will be a powerful force in making that happen. Despite the fact that the ruling class is deliberately letting the inner cities rot and turning them into America's version of South African Black "reservations" ("bantustans"), the cities are strategic for society and those concentrated in the cities are in a strategic position for revolution. Despite the fact that the masses of Black people have been cast into an even more miserable and desperate situation and have been labeled "an underclass," this "underclass" is in fact a key part of the most revolutionary class, the proletariat. In rising from the bottom, this revolutionary class can move and raise up all those who are oppressed--can turn the whole system over and turn the world in a whole new direction.

Finally, there is the leadership we need--a Party of the proletariat that can lead the revolutionary struggle.

A Party with an understanding of history and of present-day reality. A Party with a rich revolutionary history, with its roots in the '60s, but also with the bold revolutionary energy that comes from being engaged in the struggle on many fronts right today.

A Party that has consistently refused to sell out to the system and that is determined never to give in or stop short of the goal of communism worldwide.

A Party united with others like it in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), drawing its strength from this Movement and doing everything it can to strengthen the Movement and advance the world revolution.

A Party with the strategy and plan to deal with the problem. A Party with the program to provide the solution--in the most all-around way, with the most sweeping vision, in the most basic terms, and on the most practical level.

A Party that can recognize revolutionary opportunity and is preparing to take the lead in seizing it.

A Party armed with the ideology--the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism--that can light the path to the future and turn our dreams about a world without oppression and exploitation into a living battle to win such a world.


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