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In light of Donald Trump’s racist comments on Sunday, July 14 about the Democratic Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley, we are reprinting the following piece from Bob Avakian, originally written in 2017 but at least as timely today... and certainly as urgent:

A Country Ruled By White Supremacists—

Since When Is That Acceptable?

What does it mean, and what does it require people to do, if an overt white supremacist is sitting in the White House...

by Bob Avakian

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It's right to sound the alarm against fascism!

Press Release, July 20, 2019:

LAPD Infiltrated Refuse Fascism, Defendants Demand All Criminal Charges Be Dropped “It's RIGHT to sound the alarm against fascism”

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Interviews/Evening of Conscience in Support of Defendants
Free the #Freeway9 and #UCLA5—It's right to sound the alarm against fascism!
Sunday July 21, 5:00 pm
Immanuel Presbyterian Church Wilshire & Berendo, LA

Interviews available.

Reprinted from Pasadena Weekly

Alex Hernandez and Chantelle Hershberger go on trial in what they view as a fight against fascism

by Coco Das, Contributing Editor of

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Pre-trial hearing
Monday July 22, 8:30am
Pack the courts.
Metropolitan Courthouse, 1945 S. Hill

>>  Listen to Alex Hernandez and Coco Das discussing the state and stakes of the #Freeway9 trial with KPFK's Lila Garret on Connect The Dots.

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To know and change the world...
get into Bob Avakian (BA),
the leader of the revolution.

BA has developed a new communism, a thoroughly scientific method and approach that charts a pathway to human emancipation.

This column features timely work from BA – a “living lab” of probing reality and grappling with advancing the revolution.

Read on to find BA's foundational work that gives a more overall understanding of why we need a revolution, what that revolution is all about, and how we can really make that revolution and build a whole new society.


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Watch BA’s whole speech, Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution

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Bob Avakian's Answer to People Who Complain about Immigrants Crossing Borders


Now More Than Ever!

A film of a Talk by Bob Avakian



Written by Ry Cooder, John Hiatt, and James Luther Dickinson

performed by Outernational
(featuring Bob Avakian)


The Crucial Importance of the New Communism and BA's Leadership

A summation of some group study and discussion of the new communism and the leadership of Bob Avakian (BA)

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This article was originally published in 2014. We believe that it is particularly timely now to either return to this or, for those who have not read it before, to read it for the first time.

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