This Week: The Fascist Madness, Police Murder, and the Struggle for the Future



I. The Struggle for the Future

Several hundred people attended extremely important Refuse Fascism organizing meetings this past weekend. The theme? It’s On: The Struggle for the Future, Trump/Pence OUTNOW: the non-violent protests that start October 3 and continue, grow and spread day after day with and making good on the single unifying demand that the fascist Trump/Pence regime be driven out of power!

Go to for more on this and how you can be part of this.

Even while we continue to receive and will post initial reports on these meetings and plans, we are posting a video of remarks by Andy Zee, one of the initiators of Refuse Fascism, delivered in Los Angeles at the outdoor organizing meeting. 

This weekend organized for day-after-day manifestations, beginning on October 3, designed to change the whole dynamic in society leading to the driving out of the regime. For more on HOW this can happen, and what is needed to make that real, go to Part 3 of Bob Avakian’s series, Voting Will Not Be Enough—We Need to Take to the Streets, and Stay in the Streets Demanding Trump/Pence Out Now!, Trump’s Fascism—More Blatant and Dangerous Every Day: How a Determined Fight AND Massive Mobilization Could Defeat This.

II. The Fascist Advance: And Trump Escalates His Perversion, Corruption and Theft of Elections

The need for this—for mass sustained nonviolent protests to oust this regime from power—was further driven home this week, every single day, as Trump and his fascists moved rapidly to further consolidate their hold on power.

In both rhetoric and acts they took leaps upon leaps, shredding norms of liberal democracy concentrated in the peaceful transfer of power through elections. Go here to read about what Trump did and its implications—and go here to read about the implications of his attempt to appoint a new Christian fascist Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett. For the fuller analytical framework through which to understand all these developments, go to Trump Is Already Stealing the Election and Threatening Even More Violence to Stay in Power, as Bob Avakian has incisively analyzed in Part 2 of his series Voting Will Not Be Enough—We Need to Take to the Streets, and Stay in the Streets Demanding Trump/Pence Out Now!

The Democrats’ capitulation is craven and belly-crawling in the wake of this, further evidence and manifestation of why The Democrats Can’t Fight Trump The Way He Needs To Be Fought, Part 1 of the series on Voting Will Not be Enough.

All in a week! These are times in which years of history are compressed in days, and will determine the course of the future, irreversibly! We have to ACT now! We have to make good on The Struggle for the FutureTrump/Pence OUTNOW

III. The Terrible Injustice, the Righteous Rage and Need for Struggle

This week marked A Terrible Injustice, where the pigs that brazenly killed Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky—in her own home with NO justification whatsoever—were not indicted. Kentucky’s fascist attorney general declared the murder justified.

The rage poured into the streets—in Louisville and elsewhere, and continues to smolder. This needs to manifest out into the streets, evoking the Beautiful Rising against police murder and institutionalized racism that marked the summer months. And this struggle needs to be brought together with the urgently needed struggle to drive out the fascist regime led by Trump—the Genocidal Racist. As we wrote the day of the non-indictment:

Since the rising earlier this year sparked by the pig murder of George Floyd, Donald Trump has not only continued to support all manner of crimes by police, he has doubled down on this in the name of “law and order”—a racist codeword for exactly the kind of horror that happened to Breonna Taylor. He has professed his “love” for the pigs, he threatened the protestors, he has called for repression and major charges against those who lift their heads and organize others to do so, and he has actually applauded those who have murdered the protestors for Black lives. This too has a name: FASCISM. And the genocidal assault against Black people, and everyone who is not a white Christian American, is at the heart of this regime. This regime must urgently and immediately be defeated. And bringing together these two streams of struggle—against police murder and institutional racism, and to drive out the Trump-Pence fascist regime—is urgently needed if masses of people are to have any kind of future at all.

Go here for news and analysis on the grand jury decision, here for the background of the case, here for the actions of the people in the streets, and here for the larger political implications.



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