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Film Coming



Announcing the Premiere of a film of a major Talk by Bob Avakian in the Fall of 2012:

BA Speaks:

"Yes, this is a film, but that is not its essence. This is a daring, substantive, scientific summoning to revolution. 6+ hours that can change how you see the world and what you do with the rest of your life. Is this hype? No."

--From one of the filmmakers

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Promoting the New Film, BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! Bob Avakian Live
and Building the Movement for Revolution

Two correspondences in this issue of Revolution give a living picture of important advances to learn from, and advance off of in making the premiere of  the film of a major talk, BA Speaks: REVOLUTION --  NOTHING LESS! a giant step forward in building a movement for revolution.

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A Day on Campus

It was a busy afternoon at a major college in a big city, a lot of students from the bottom of society who've grown up in projects or immigrant communities. Word spread through the cafeteria as a flier went out that read "REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!" letting people know about the upcoming premiere of the new talk by Bob Avakian. We challenged people that Obama has been worse than Bush and called on them to listen to the new interview with Bob Avakian on The Michael Slate Show.

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Bringing Revolution to the Ramarley Graham Protest

Interview with two members of the NYC Revolution Club

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We Call Bullshit

This sharp polemic, by two young revolutionaries, is very important in the coming weeks as people take out word about the film of BA's new talk.

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"From the First Seconds, the Controversy Ripped"

From a reader

“What’s the problem? THE WHOLE DAMN SYSTEM! What’s the solution? REVOLUTION!”  In a busy South Central L.A. shopping district this weekend, the Revolution hit the scene in a new way, arriving with a crew marching the four corners of a large intersection determined, tight, and on a mission with the message and title of the film of Bob Avakian’s new talk: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!

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Michael Slate's five-part radio interview with Bob Avakian is online now. This interview jolts people -- to think outside the deadly confines of this system. And it is a crucial resource to find those who are ready, and readying those we meet, to come to the premiere of REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS on the best possible basis.

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On Choices... And Radical Changes

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More on Choices... and Radical Changes

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One Year Since the Murder of Trayvon Martin

We Need to Stop This—Once and For All

Trayvon Martin

Think about what the world has been like in the past year – since Trayvon Martin was murdered. This system has continued to steal lives here and around the world. Nothing less than revolution is what's needed to put an end to this. And in that light that we must demand justice for Trayvon, and wage that struggle as part of building a movement for revolution.

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John Brennan—Obama's Eminently Qualified Cold-blooded Imperialist Assassin

Highlights from the many crimes of Obama's pick as new CIA chief—from overseeing renditions and advocating for torture to bringing the U.S. "kill list" to Obama each week.

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 Also in this issue

One Billion Rising to End Violence on Women

One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. Just think about this horror: one billion women who are viciously violated in today's world. On Thursday, February 14, people across the U.S. and around the world will be responding to a call from the V-Day movement for "ONE BILLION women and those who love them ... to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to this violence."

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Obama's Deportation Record—A Nightmare for Immigrants

By 2014, Obama will have deported over two million people—more in six years than all the people deported from the U.S. before 1997.

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Drawing Out the Fury of Women in Steubenville, Ohio

Correspondence from a team of Revolution paper sellers who have been going out to Steubenville, where the gang rape of a 16-year-old woman has sparked outrage and protests.

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Keystone Protest
Photo: AP

Resisting the Keystone XL Pipeline—and Fighting for Humanity and the Planet

Forward on Climate, billed as the “largest climate change rally in history,” is planned for February 17 in Washington, D.C. and is expected to draw tens of thousands to protest against the Keystone XL pipeline that will carry very polluting oil.

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The My Lai Massacre

"Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam"

A memorial inscribed with the names of 504 people stands in the Vietnamese village called Son My. On March 16, 1968, these 504 people died sudden, violent deaths at the hands of "Charlie Company" of the U.S. Army's Americal Division. Almost all the dead were women, elderly, and children.

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Food for Thought on the Žižek-Lotta Debate

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A Whitewash of Illegal Government Assassination

A recently released "white paper" from the Justice Department reportedly summarizes and whitewashes Obama administration's legal justification for assassinating U.S. citizens without any trial, simply by presidential decree. What's at stake here is that if the U.S. government can do this to U.S. citizens, the people who these policies are supposed to “protect,” that clears the ground for far greater crimes against the people of the world.

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The Clash of Two Outmodeds—and Bringing Forward Another Way

The U.S. has carried out and is continuing to commit monstrous crimes in the name of opposing Islamic fundamentalism. The following points are crucial in getting at the reality behind this imperialist justification.

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New and Breaking News...

LAPD Manhunt Puts Spotlight on Racist and Murderous Brutality of Police

February 11, 2013

In the midst of the massive manhunt for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, his accusations and depictions of racist brutality and discriminatory practices of the LAPD have impacted different corners of society.

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New York:

Saturday, March 16, 1 pm
AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9 Theater
2309 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (124th Street)
Harlem, NYC


Saturday, March 16, 1 pm Ferguson Hall at Columbia College
600 S Michigan Ave. (Harrison & Michigan), Chicago, IL.

Los Angeles:

Saturday, March 16, 1 pm, LA Theatre Center,
514 S. Spring St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90013.


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First Revolution/ Sustainer Drive Comes to a Close

An Important Beginning... and Revolutionary Appreciation

“RCP is the only true communist party in the U.S., no bullshit, no compromises.”
—a reader committing to regular monthly support

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