Find out more at your local Revolution Books, or come to for ways to get involved. And write to us at to share your experience and raise your questions.

Contact Revolution Books:

New York
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Volunteer! Get Involved!

What You Can Do...

Buy your ticket NOW

  • Wherever you are, get to New York City on November 15 and be in Riverside Church to experience this incredibly special Dialogue between Cornel West and Bob Avakian. 

  • Buy a premium ticket for $100 or $250 to help subsidize others.

Contribute and help raise funds

  • Send a contribution to The Bob Avakian Institute or Revolution Books NY

  • Throw a fundraising party, pull together a fundraising barbecue, do a bake sale, or call or write your friends and ask them to match what you're giving—get creative!

Spread the word

  • Get the word of this all over social media, #Nov15CornelAndBA, find the event on Facebook (via the Revolution Books NY Facebook page)

  • Get flyers about the Dialogue and this special issue of Revolution newspaper around your neighborhood or campus. (Download what you need at or come to a Revolution Books in your area)

  • Take posters around your neighborhood to get into store windows, put up in laundromats, project hallways… help reach everyone who would want to be in the house on November 15 but doesn’t yet know this Dialogue is happening.

Organize a crew

  • For discounted blocs of tickets, contact Revolution Books NYC at 212-691-3345.

  • Reach out to your student or church group, book club, union, association, contact your favorite professor or high school teacher about bringing a group of students or giving extra credit for students who go... bring a whole group of people to experience this Dialogue together.

  • If you're not in NY and really can't make the trip, help get others there and be part of spreading the word. Call folks you know in NY and let them know not to miss this Dialogue. If you're in or know of campus groups, reach out to affiliates east of the Mississippi about sending a whole crew. 

Share your experience

  • We want to hear from you. Write to REVOLUTION/ at 

  • Write in with reports of your experience in letting others know about this or send a statement as to why you're coming and contributing financially and why others should too.

  • Let people know your thoughts and questions.

Be a Part of Making History—This Dialogue Is About the Future

We have to make good on the potential of this Dialogue. Why? Because it is about the future.

Let's go out of here and build a social movement for this Dialogue. Go out in the world and tell everybody you know about it. Raise funds for it. Friends and family—yes—but also EVERYBODY you know needs to hear about this and contribute to making this happen.

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