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Put Stop-and-Frisk on Trial—Not the Freedom Fighters!
No Jail Time for Carl Dix & the Stop-and-Frisk Protesters
All Out to Defeat the Charges

Five courageous freedom fighters who put their bodies on the line to end the racist police policy of stop-and-frisk are set to go to trial beginning October 23 and October 30.

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June 6, 2012, Logar province, Afghanistan, after a NATO airstrike that reportedly killed 18 civilians.

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What Crime Would Obama Have to Commit for You to Stand on Principle and Refuse to Vote??

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Liberals have an Oedipal complex: It's not that they want to sleep with their mothers—it's that they willfully blind themselves.

Bob Avakian
Chairman of the
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA


From two young revolutionaries:

We Call

Far too many people—including those who consider themselves radicals and progressives and say that they want to change the world—choose to dismiss Avakian and his work without even the pretense of engagement: We Call Bullshit!

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This Is the Imperialist System…
This Is What They Want You to Vote For

The Real Cost of iPads

Old-school fascists or new-style liberals… capitalism-imperialism does what it does: crushes lives, destroys spirits and ruins the environment in the meat-grinder of exploitation.
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BAsics 1:22

See "Post This" for downloadable and postable art of this poster | Photo: AP

Urgently Needed Leaps in Getting BA Everywhere

A movement is building to spread the voice, vision, and works of Bob Avakian everywhere. But much more needs to be done... many more people need to be reached and drawn into this movement. This is a moment to renew our efforts and make new leaps.

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Letter from a Prisoner:
Monthly Contribution to Spread BAsics

So, included in this letter is $20.00 dollars.

$10.00 for the book BAsics and
$10.00 for the Bus Tour; BAsics.

I can't wait to see the bus tour come to each City in Texas—True!! but, it also needs our support for other States, like New York and all other areas.

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Cornel West Interviews Bob Avakian: Get the Word Out, Spread the Interview All Over, Organize Listening Parties

In early October, the revolution crackled on the airwaves when the Smiley & West radio show on PRI (Public Radio International) across the country aired an interview that Cornel West recently conducted with Bob Avakian. An audio download of the interview is available online.

This interview is sharp and wide-ranging, challenging and inspiring. Cornel West, a prominent public intellectual, engages with Bob Avakian, the leader of a new stage of communist revolution. The importance of getting this exchange out broadly into society, and fundraising as we do so, should not be underestimated–and in fact, the reach and impact of this interview should be maximized in many different ways.

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 Also in this issue

From A World to Win News Service:

Murder by drone: the U.S. terror war in Pakistan

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Activists from the U.S. traveled to Pakistan in early October to join in a protest against U.S. drone strikes in Pakistani tribal areas.

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Prisoner Writes on What Humanity Needs, Interview with Bob Avakian: "Full of Golden Nuggets"

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At Pelican Bay SHU.

Photo: AP

Prisoner Writes on the "Agreement to End Hostilities" Among California Prisoners

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Slutwalk 2012 in Chicago, and the Impact of "Stop Patriarchy…"

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Houston PD: Merciless Killers for a Merciless System

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Argo, or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CIA"

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At a Critical Time… Sustain Revolution!

In a world of vicious exploitation, brutal oppression, and environmental devastation, a new stage of the communist revolution, based on Bob Avakian's new synthesis of communism, is fighting to be born. One essential component of this is that Revolution newspaper and have the financial resources to survive!

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New and Breaking News...


October 22, 2012: The National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and Criminalization of a Generation

October 25, 2012


On Facing Two Years for Protesting Stop-and-Frisk

October 25, 2012


Mayor Declares that Women Being Massacred by Men "Can't Be Avoided"
I Declare: We Have No More Time—Or Women's Lives—To Waste Before Making Revolution!

October 25, 2012


Call to Resist NDAA and Stand Together Against Repression Published in The Nation

October 25, 2012


Connecting with BA at the Harlem Book Fair

October 25, 2012


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