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March 16 in NYC, LA and Chicago and March 17 in SF:

Clear the Day!
Come Together With Others Around the Country
See the Film Premiere of…

BA Speaks:

On this planet today, there are no questions that are more important—and no answers that are more thoroughgoing—than what is spoken to in BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! And there is no person more filled with contempt for the powers-that-be and the horrific order they trumpet and enforce—nor more filled with scientific confidence in the potential of masses of people to change all that—than Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.

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Why Go to This Film Premiere?

Why go to this film premiere? Simply: It's by far the most important thing people could be doing that day–it's dealing with the most important thing there could be–because it's about the real possibility of bringing into being a radically different world, where all this madness, all the oppression and injustice, all the abuse and degradation that is so much a part of life now, would be done away with. If anybody can think of anything more important than that–let's hear it!

In the fall of 2012, Bob Avakian gave a series of talks in different cities.

This is a film of one of those talks.


Get with the film—online!

March 16: New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago
March 17: San Francisco Bay Area

An Invitation

Let's go on a crucial journey together—full of unity against oppression and lively struggle about the source of the problem and the solution. Pursue your own convictions—that the outrages that move you are intolerable—to their logical conclusion, and be determined not to stop until those outrages have been eliminated. And if this, as well as learning about other outrages, and ideas about how this all fits together and flows from a common source—and how it could all be ended, and something much better brought into being—leads in the direction of seeing not only the need for bold and determined resistance, but also the need for revolution and ultimately communism, then don't turn away from that because it moves you beyond your comfort zone, challenges what had been your cherished beliefs, or because of prejudices and slanders. Instead, actively seek to learn more about this revolution and its goal of communism and to determine whether it is in fact the necessary, and possible, solution. And then act accordingly.


What People Are Saying About the Film and Bob Avakian

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Building for the Premiere of BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! in NYC

Building for the Premiere of BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! in NYCPhotos: Special to Revolution



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Bob Avakian,
Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

In Bob Avakian, the Chairman of our Party, we have the kind of rare and precious leader who does not come along very often.

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 Also in this issue

"Forward on Climate" Rally... And the Real Way Forward

On February 17, 50,000 people poured into Washington, DC, for the Forward on Climate rally, showing heightening concern and anguish among growing numbers of people about climate change and environmental destruction.

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Basic Truths About the U.S. Drones

Last week drones were suddenly in the news in a big way. Eric Holder, Obama's Attorney General, refused to rule out the use of drone strikes within the U.S. in "extraordinary circumstances."

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The All-American Hit Squad

The U.S. military personnel directly responsible for murdering people on the other side of the planet by remote control bombing are now eligible for special military honors.

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Prisoner Responds to Bear Witness Appeal:

Connections Between "State Prisons" and Guantánamo Torture Facilities

State prisons are now torture centers as well perhaps to a lesser degree but the same methods of torture and terrorism are used i.e. psychological harassment, and intimidation, extra-punitive isolation and mass punishment, food and sensory deprivation... short of water-boarding and extreme isolation there is no significant difference between the state prisons and the Guantánamos...

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From A World to Win News Service

Film Review: 5 Broken Cameras

5 Broken Cameras, the first Palestinian documentary nominated for an Oscar, gives an overwhelming depiction of the injustice and brutality on a massive scale against the residents of a village called Bil'in in the West Bank.

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On Hugo Chavez: Four Points of Orientation

Orientation for understanding the politics and economics of Hugo Chavez and U.S. imperialism's stance toward him.

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Thrilled Pigelow Accepts Leni Award

February 24, Hollywood: As thousands jammed the sidewalks and stars arrived for the Oscar ceremony, the Leni award—named for the pro-Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl—was presented by the Committee to Sanitize Crimes Against Humanity in Film to Kathryn Pigelow for her film Zero Dark Thirty.

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Arkansas Law—Biggest Assault on Right to Abortion
Urgently Needed: Massive, Uncompromising Resistance

On March 6, Arkansas adopted the most restrictive state law on abortion in the United States—banning abortion at 12 weeks of pregnancy, when a fetal heartbeat can typically be detected by abdominal ultrasound.

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