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Revolution’s BAsics With Bob Avakian, by Herb Boyd - PDF | large JPEG | 600px JPEG

A statement of support for BAsics, from the Talks and Writings of Bob Avakian
(Emory Douglas, Revolutionary Artist, former Minister of Culture, Black Panther Party)

Cornel West calls on you to Celebrate Revolution and the Vision of a New World, April 11, 2011
Download audio (WAV / MP3) to send to your local community, independent, and college radio stations.

Richard Brown: "We Have to Have a Revolution", Revolution #236, June 19, 2011

Lynne Stewart: New Impetus of the Book BAsics, Revolution #236, June 19, 2011

Get BAsics Out on YouTube, Revolution #238, July 3, 2011.
Join Carl Dix, Herb Boyd, Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, and Nicholas Heyward Sr. in spreading the BAsics. Go to youtube.com/knowthebasics1.


Correspondence on BAsics: "Something my generation needs..." Revolution #238 Online, July 4, 2011

From a Revolution Books staff member
Promoting BAsics at the LA Times Festival of Books
(Revolution #233, May 22, 2011)

"Who Said This?" (Revolution #232, May 7, 2011)

Looking Back at Wielding Mao's Red Book and Getting BAsics out into the World (Revolution #231, May 1, 2011)

Some ideas for "GETTING OUT" the message and building on the success of the "Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World" (Revolution #231, May 1, 2011)

I now have the actual book: BAsics!
From a young person who was part of a group of people who made significant contributions to the production and publication of BAsics (Revolution #229, March 29, 2011)

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