REVOLUTION Newspaper #462, October 28, 2016

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STOP Murder and Terror by Police Now!! We Need Revolution!

2016 National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression
and the Criminalization of a Generation

Chicago: Revolution Club, family members and other protestors at the 2016 National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. Photo: Special to

Trump vs. Clinton: Criminal Choices of a Criminal System
We Need to Overthrow, Not Vote for, This System!

Bob Avakian on defending the right to vote...and why having the right to do something is not the same as saying you should do it

Bob Avakian


Trump vs. Clinton: Criminal Choices of a Criminal System: More Here | Download poster | Tweet these memes

Out Into the World: THE NEW COMMUNISM by Bob Avakian Launched

Carl Dix, Cornel West and Andy Zee discuss THE NEW COMMUNISM at the book launch.

Watch the Launch of THE NEW COMMUNISM from Bob Avakian

Featuring: Cornel West/Carl Dix,
Moderated by: Andy Zee


Engaging Bob Avakian’s THE NEW COMMUNISM: Voices from the October 8 Book Launch

Part One

Part Two (posted October 27)


From the Publisher:

...This book is a masterwork and a master class—it is a living laboratory  of the new synthesis of communism developed by Bob Avakian. It is also  striking in its ability to combine high level revolutionary communist theory  and modeling of revolutionary leadership with a visceral, colloquial and  passionate style that will resonate with and be accessible  to a wide  variety of readers. 

This thought-provoking book is sure to challenge stereotypes and  conventional thinking.




Pre-publication PDF of this major work available here.

See what people from different walks of life are saying about Bob Avakian and THE NEW COMMUNISM

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Read Prisoners on THE NEW COMMUNISM, BA and Ardea Skybreak

Science and Revolution, On the Importance of Science and the Application of Science to Society, the New Synthesis of Communism, and the Leadership of Bob Avakian

An Interview with Ardea Skybreak



What is New in the New Synthesis?

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Get Organized for Revolution
Get With the Revolution Club
Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution

Revolution Club, Los Angeles on the 2016 National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. Photo: Special to

Revolution Club, NYC on the 2016 National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. Photo: Special to

More on the Revolution Club HERE

Of Continuing Interest

Bob Avakian on the pivotal role of the Black national question, the pivotal relation between national liberation and proletarian revolution, in the U.S.:

» Communism and Jeffersonian Democracy

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» "The Oppression of Black People & the Revolutionary Struggle to End All Oppression" 

April 25, 2016

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On "Principled Compromises," and Other Crimes Against Humanity

November 12, 2015

By Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

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The Strategic Approach to Revolution and Its Relation to Basic Questions of Epistemology and Method

By Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

August 4, 2014

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“Putting Forward Our Line—In a Bold, Moving, Compelling Way,” by Bob Avakian

Published in two parts in Revolutionary Worker:

» Part 1, #1177, December 1, 2002

» Part 2, #1178, December 8, 2002

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CONSTITUTION For The New Socialist Republic in North America
Authored by Bob Avakian, and adopted by the Central Committee of the RCP

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REVOLUTION AND RELIGION: The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion

A Dialogue between CORNEL WEST & BOB AVAKIAN

A film of the Nov. 2014 Dialogue on a question of great importance in today's world between the Revolutionary Christian Dr. Cornel West and the Revolutionary Communist Leader Bob Avakian

Watch the film now

Break All the Chains


Break ALL the Chains! Bob Avakian on the Emancipation of Women and the Communist Revolution

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Birds Cannot Give Birth to Crocodiles, But Humanity Can Soar Beyond the Horizon

by Bob Avakian

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Publisher: Insight Press

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Constitution, Law and Rights


Constitution, Law, and Rights—in capitalist society and in the future socialist society.

Selections from the writings of Bob Avakian and excerpts from the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America

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A Journal of Communist Theory and Polemic

"Ajith—A Portrait of the Residue of the Past"

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A Statement from the Revolutionary Communist Party: ON THE STRATEGY FOR REVOLUTION

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To find out how to support the Get Into the Revolution National Organizing Campaign and Tour in Chicago with financial, legal, public opinion support, call: (312) 502-7485

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Seen on the Walls of Your City
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A Basic Point of Orientation

July 15, 2016

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Updated October 29, 2016 | 12:30 am

Defy University of Chicago and Chicago Police's Ban on Revolutionary Communist Noche Diaz!

October 28, 2016

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Flash Friday 4:45 PM: 4 members @NYCRevClub just arrested @CityCollegeNY while speaking w students. Call #ccny President Office NOW 212-650-7285 and demand all charges get dropped and that they be released immediately and that revolutionary ideas be allowed on the campus.

October 28, 2016

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U of Chicago Police Viciously Assaulted & Arrested Revolutionaries On Campus Wed Oct 26.
Will YOU Stand BY? Come Hear What they are Determined to Suppress:

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Get this letter of support to everybody you know

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From Cornel West: "I stand with my brother Noche Diaz and my comrades in Chicago who were arrested and beaten by the Chicago police! They have a right to bear witness for justice and deserve humane treatment!"

From Edward Asner:

Dear President Zimmer,

Are the University of Chicago police now acting as representatives of the city of Chicago?  Freedom of speech, a basis of the United States and customarily universities, broadens that principle even more.  As a former University of Chicago student, I protest the mauling of Noche Diaz and the young girl who was punched.

What's wrong with the University of Chicago President Zimmer?  Has it been Trumpized?  To habitually roust Noche Diaz and others is a crime as you are betraying the ideals of what a university should be.  Drop the charges against Noche Diaz.  Don't cheapen or betray the University of Chicago image!

From Rev. Peter Goodwin Heltzel, Ph.D.: "I stand with my friend and fellow New Yorker Noche Diaz who was arrested and beaten by Chicago police! He has a right to free speech and should be treated with respect. Together we can work for an equitable, safe and sustainable world."

From Chuck D: @MrChuckD: @Noche_RC bringing more logic than your candidates


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Press Conference Calls Out PIGS At Chicago City Hall, Demands Hands Off the Get Into the Revolution National Tour 2016-2017

October 25, 2016

Read more received these materials from the Get Into the Revolution National Organizing Campaign and Tour which they are using to mobilize in Chicago for the rally they are holding this Saturday.  But the approaches and concrete forms of organization and entry-level tasks for new recruits to the revolution can be learned from and replicated by Revolution Clubs around the country.

3 Reasons to Be at—and Bring Others to—the October 29th Get Into the Revolution Organizing Rally

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Five Day Plan to Build October 29th Rally as a Real Advance in Getting Organized for Revolution—spreading revolution and recruiting new forces in everything we do

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The National Tour Is in Chicago

RALLY Saturday, October 29, 1 pm Downtown in Grant Park at the Northeast corner of Michigan & Congress

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Cold Shoulder and NYPD at Clinton HQ… Pepper Spray at Standing Rock

October 27, 2016

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Look Who’s Talking About Peaceful Transfer of Power and Respecting Elections

October 27, 2016

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» Confront the Actual History of the USA
Contribute to the "American Crime" Series

Updated August 25, 2016

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» What it means to be a volunteer for

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